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A Looper Gets a Scare By Claude Milot

Published June 8th , 2018

 On May 22nd Otto Szentesi and his wife Mimi sailed their 43-foot sloop into Yeopim Creek and tied up at berth 4 on C Dock in Albemarle Plantation Marina. They had heard about the Albemarle Loop and wanted to see what it was all about. They had no idea what they were in for. …………..read more

May 13th, 2018

The Young Pros Are Coming to Albemarle Plantation by Claude Milot

 Ever wonder how good golfers make it to the PGA tour? It’s not easy. There is no annual draft of college players, no minor league system like in baseball, and few national amateur tournaments to open the door to the big time. ….. One of these tournaments is the 2018 Biggs Classic to be played on Albemarle Plantation’s Sound Golf Links starting May 22nd  …………..read more

March 16th, 2018

News from Cypress Cove By Claude Milot

 Columbia’s Cypress Cove Marina is under new management. All operations of the 25-acre marina are now under the direction of Ken and Kelly Moore of Yacht Doc, Inc, new members of The Albemarle Loop. This husband and wife team’s history goes back to Michigan where Ken, who had been honing his skills repairing diesel engines on heavy trucks, switched to repairing boats in 1999. …………..read more

February 17th , 2018

Spring Means Baseball By Claude Milot

 There’s a new sound in the air, the pop of a baseball hitting a catcher’s mitt. As I write this, pitchers and catchers are already at work at spring training camps all over Florida. Heard soon will be the crack of a bat as seasoned major leaguers shake off winter rust and hopeful rookies get in their early swings …………..read more

November 12th  2017

The Dismal Swamp Canal and the Civil War by Claude Milot

 The Dismal Swamp Canal is the oldest operating artificial waterway in the United States, going back to its completion in 1805. Throughout its early history, it was used to ship produce and merchandise between Norfolk and Elizabeth City. But commerce  …………..read more

August 17th ,  2017


The first obstacle to my opening day on the Albemarle Loop was the weather, which is to say it wasn’t good. It was, in fact, exactly the sort of weather we are warned against by every cruise guide author (including myself) writing about North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound. Northwest winds 15 to 20 knots, …………..read more

August 17th ,  2017

Columbia—Gateway to Nature by Claude Milot

 Columbia may not be the biggest town on the Albemarle Loop, with fewer than 1,000 people living in an area of only 0.5 square miles. The municipal marina, which has all the amenities except for fuel, is located at the foot of a Main Street bustling with art galleries, shops, and restaurants. Around the corner is a winery …………..read more

July 3rd , 2017

Hertford and Perquimans County – A Short History by Claude Milot

 When Loopers sail into the western end of Albemarle Sound, they enter an area rich in pre-colonial history. Before English adventurers came down from Virginia to explore this bountiful land, it was inhabited by the Weapemeoc, a native people related linguistically and culturally to the Algonquians. Their territory  …………..read more

June 15th, 2017

Visit Hertford—A Planned Town by Claude Milot

Hertford may not have the biggest marina on the Loop, but it has an unparalleled reputation as the friendliest. Loopers who have visited Hertford have many stories about being greeted at the dock, escorted into town, introduced to friendly residents, even taken to Woodard’s  Pharmacy for the best  …………..read more

May 9, 2017 -

Edenton—the South’s Prettiest Small Town by Claude Milot

 A must-stop on the Albemarle Loop is Edenton, a storybook place of lovely waterfront parks and broad, tree-lined streets flanked by 18th and 19th century homes, a place not only of great beauty and charm, but also a living monument to the colonial era when the town was a vibrant political, cultural,  …………..read more

April 1, 2017 -

ALBEMARLE LOOP NEWS - A World-Class Adventurer Visits by Claude Milot

 On a wintry day in March, a stranger sailed an unusual 13-foot sailboat into the Albemarle Planation marina and tied up close to the dock master’s office. From the narrow opening of the boat’s cockpit e…………read more

March 16, 2017 -

An Albemarle Loop Town -  Plymouth, North Carolina by Claude Milot

Sail up the Roanoke River for seven miles and you come to the little town of Plymouth, North Carolina, one of the eight stops on the Albemarle Loop. Looks can be deceiving, but there’s a lot more to …………read more

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