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Albemarle Loop

148 Pee Dee Dr.

Hertford, North Carolina, 27944


(252) 426 - 4037

Mail: info@AlbemarleLoop.com

Cruising Passport Members

Loopers who cruise the Albemarle Sound earn “points” by staying at LOOP member marinas.  Each stay, free or paid visit, counts towards rewards in the LOOP Passport Program.  “Points” accrue from year to year (ie: If you accrue 12 Points in 2018 and 12 in 2019 you qualify for Voyager). Once you attain a Passport Level, you maintain that level from year to year as long as you revisit the LOOP on a yearly basis and renew your member level on-line year to year. There are three levels of participation.  Fill out form below to get points and a redemption email.

Cruising Passport Member Levels:

Associate Members = Voyagers (24 LOOP visits)

 ½ price dockage for extended stay beyond 2 days (up to 7 days) (power not included)

15% discount ships store

$25 Gift card to Paradiso Restaurant next door

Associate Members = Explorer (16 LOOP visits)

Associate Members = Surveyor (8 LOOP visits)

Cruising Passport Member Rewards:  This is a partial list - more to follow The Albemarle Loop Passport The Passport is used to record LOOP stays and for coupon redemption

Redemption form

Redemption  Form #txt_1101