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Art on the Sound

Art on the Sound showcases an online gallery with a variety of art media created by local artists from around the Albemarle Sound. Artists love the Albemarle Sound environment because it provides a wealth of inspirational sources and subjects including landscapes, waterways, boating, weather and nature to name a few.

Because the Sound is home to such a vast group of talented artists, the gallery will aim to present many forms of art media such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, pottery, fiber arts, basketry and jewelry.


Paula FitzPatrick is a photographer and artist who moved to the Albemarle Sound area when she retired from teaching high school photography and art in Maryland. Having visited the Outer Banks numerous times as a child, the Albemarle Sound area, also identified as the Inner Banks, had every bit of the same magnetic attraction from childhood to retirement. Paula loves her life in this beautiful and inspiring environment and finds plenty of time to take photographs and work in a variety of art media in addition to teach classes in photography and batik. She is a member of the Perquimans Arts League and the Chowan Art Council.  Click here if you are interested in this art or artist.


Margi Wynn has been painting in watercolor for 42 years. She loves the fluid and unexpected results this medium creates. Teaching others the endless possibilities they can experience with watercolor has become a joy to Margi in her retirement in North Carolina. Margi says, “the beauty of God’s natural environment along the waterways of the Albemarle Sound provides exciting subject matter for my work.” Margi’s paintings may be viewed at Chowan Art Council and Perquimans Arts League.  Click here if you are interested in this art or artist.