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Albemarle Plantation Sunrise Easter Service April 12, 2020

The Albemarle Plantation normally hosts an Easter Sunrise Service adjacent to the Clubhouse and the 18th  green.  Unfortunatly, the COVID-19 virus has not allowed us to congregate in groups of more than 10, so volunteers from the plantation have published a You Tube virtual Easter sunrise service.

The way this will work is the following:
1-Using your Internet device, a PC, a tablet, or a smart phone, you will go to the red You Tube URL button on at about 6:15 AM on Easter Sunday. It will be active at 6:15 AM on Easter Sunday. The You Tube presentation is scheduled to start at this time with a musical presentation while we wait for the service to start at 6:30 AM. The musical presentation is 3 minutes long. Hit the pause button at the end of the musical presentation and wait until 6:30 AM to resume the video. This will allow you to be synced with other folks in your group and around the plantation or on boats along the ICW for the actual service. The program is presented by Albemarle Plantation residents, including ministerial folks, a musician and other neighbors.

2-Go outside, if possible, on your front lawn, marina park, on the golf course or other areas where you can enjoy the sunrise. Remember to keep the size of any groups to less than 10 and observe the 6’ rule unless the others are family members. If you are joining us from a location remote from the Albemarle Plantation, find a location where you can best enjoy the sunrise and participate in the service.

3-Interspersed in the program will be songs, accompanied by a guitar. Sing along with those on the You Tube program and your neighbors.

4-There will be several Bible readings by AP neighbors. Read along in your Bible to get the full meaning of the passage. The songs and bible readings are also available on for download.

5-Once done, return to your home and enjoy an Easter breakfast. We will leave the You Tube presentation up for the rest of the day if you wish to return and enjoy a segment.

             Happy Easter